Internship Application

The goal of our internship is to provide the intern with a quality experience which balances in-hospital, ambulatory and academic veterinary medicine. The intern will have the experience and knowledge to begin a residency program or a career in private equine ambulatory practice upon successful completion of the program. The internship is an intensive training program that will provide the intern with and equivalent of approximately 5 years worth of private practice experience.

Obtaining an internship is an honor and a privilege. You have undoubtedly worked hard to reach this point in your career, and remember that many veterinarians would love to be in your position at the moment. You should give serious thought to what you want from and what your are willing to give to the program. Regardless of your previous experience, knowledge, and skills, you should be open and willing to approach clinical situations using the guidance you receive from the clinician you are working with. Deference and respect should be given to their ways of approaching clinical problems, realizing that as your progress thru your internship you will grow to formulate your own opinions about what is the best way to approach certain situations. You should be willing to make this internship your focus for the next year, giving it your complete attention. This means long hours and hard work, but also a fruitful program. It is important to keep in mind that we are not here to ‘spoon-feed’ you all the information you need. It is your responsibility to acquire knowledge thru diligent research on the cases that come thru the hospital. Our responsibility to you is to provide as much guidance and active training as we can, so that you leave Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center prepared for either a residency or private practice.


Externship Application

Thank you for your inquiry regarding an externship at Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center. Our goal is to provide a quality experience that will be beneficial for all concerned. We intend to provide an in depth exposure to equine veterinary medicine in both a primary care and referral setting.

 Our personnel consist of one small animal veterinarian, two board certified surgeons, three ambulatory veterinarians and two rotating interns, with a full technical staff. 

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