There is probably no more difficult question than whether or not to euthanize a cherished companion animal. Yet when the quality of life for your pet has deteriorated, when your pet is suffering, or when costs of tests and treatments are prohibitive, euthanasia may be the most loving and humane choice for you and your pet.

As you come to this decision it’s important to discuss questions and concerns with your veterinarian. Based on this discussion and the reality of your own situation, when the time comes you will be better prepared to use your own good judgment.

You may want to ask some these questions:

  • How will the euthanasia be performed?

  • Where will the euthanasia be performed?

  • When will the euthanasia be performed? What is the least traumatic for you and your pet?

  • Should the euthanasia procedure be immediate or delayed?

  • What should I tell my children? They need to know the truth in terms they can understand.

  • Should I/we be present during the procedure? You know best what you are capable of handling.

  • Will it matter to my pet if I’m present? Pets feel more secure in the company of people they know, yet they do not have the same awareness of death as humans do.

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